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Image by Scott Warman

Our organic vegetables

Our market garden is a combination of our love for nature and vegetables.

Most of our produce is grown outdoors, kissed by the sun, touched by the wind and soaked by the rain.


However, some of our veg like it a bit warmer than others. We let our heat loving vegetables grow under the shelter of a polytunnel.

Starting 2023, we’ll have a range of delicious vegetables available. 

Healthy Soil - Healthy Food - Healthy Soul

Not only the planet’s health benefits from agroecological practices, but our own health and well-being.

As Hippocrates once said; ‘let food be your medicine’. 



Life starts underground

Soil is a precious resource that we nurture and have dedicated a lot of time and thought to. We follow a no-dig approach, meaning that we leave the soil as undisturbed as possible while providing nutrients in the form of compost and mulch which are complimented with rotational planting. Thereby, soil life can regenerate and thrive, creating a healthy rich environment for our plants to grow in.

The soil food web

The community of microorganisms that live in the soil are called the soil-food web. They are responsible for decomposition of organic material and nutrient recycling. A healthy soil-food web makes all the nutrients required by plants available, in the right form and quantities, at the right time. Healthy soil is the foundation for our nutrient-dense and delicious vegetables.

Chemical treatments are the enemy of soil biology, that’s why our work is in line with agro-ecological principles and we are a certified organic farm. 

Vente ferme
Vegetable Market

Where to buy our products

You can shop directly at our farm. Our farm shop will open at the end of June. We are just 5 km outside of Bellac.

More details will follow soon.  

We deliver direct to restaurants.

Please contact us. 

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